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Choosing a shelf for proper cultivation of strawberries

Choosing whatnots for proper cultivation of strawberries

Often when growing crops, one of the main problems that arises is the lack of territory. Most gardeners try to solve it in the standard way - reduce the number of plants proportionally to the area of the plot. However, there is a more profitable option - to use the space not in length, but in height. Strawberry growing stands will help with this. They allow you to create vertical beds, where strawberry bushes not only feel more comfortable, but also produce more harvest.

  • Advantages of vertical strawberry growing:
  • Using the maximum amount of space. The beds can have any number of floors, allowing you to increase the number of plants without increasing the area.
  • Such beds can be installed anywhere on the site, outdoors or in a greenhouse.
  • Caring for vertical beds is much easier than traditional ones.
  • The strawberry harvest increases, and the berries do not touch the ground and remain clean.
  • The location of vertical beds provides for a closed root system of plants. This prevents the entry of pests, both insects and birds, for which there will be no support.
  • There is no need for weeding, since weeds do not fall into isolated beds.
  • Easier to harvest: the berries are clearly visible and easily accessible.
  • Beds can be used for decorative purposes, creating an impeccable aesthetic appearance.

What you need to know about the strawberry rack

Since the space of the beds will be limited to the area you have chosen, the plants will need frequent watering. The root system has nowhere to get nutrients from and will need more intensive fertilizers.

Climbing strawberries are most often planted in vertical beds. There are many different varieties that can be planted in vertical beds.
Here are some of them:

Queen Elizabeth. Gives several harvests per season. The berries are medium in shape, have a neat appearance and very juicy taste. The variety is not susceptible to diseases and pests.

Queen Elizabeth 2. The berries are large, fruiting begins in mid-May. Productivity is high, several times per season. The berries have a pleasant sweet taste and attractive appearance.
Alba. Another large-fruited variety, characterized by its resistance to frost. The berries are juicy, cone-shaped, and have a rich red hue. The structure of the fruit is dense, which allows it to be stored for a long time and withstand transportation.

Ostara. The variety gives a high yield. The fruits are small in size, but have medium density and a rich sweet and sour taste.

In winter, there is practically no possibility of insulating vertical beds, so it is recommended to initially create them collapsible or portable. The soil will not withstand the cold and will turn into a piece of ice. It is better to put the shelves with strawberries in a warmer place in winter.

Types of vertical beds

The material for creating beds like whatnots can be very diverse. For these purposes, plastic pipes, wooden boxes, bags, car tires and even old furniture are used. The main thing is that the design is harmonious and suitable for planting.

A strawberry rack made from car tires looks good. You can use them to make something like a round tower in which your favorite berries will grow. Such beds are easy to make and do not require much effort. Tires must be chosen in different sizes, placing the largest one underneath. As a basis, you can choose a tire from a combine or tractor. The lower part is lightly immersed in the ground for stability, and the inner part is cut with a knife to the required diameter. Light, pliable rubber can be easily cut in a couple of minutes. Next, fill the fertile soil to the top. Then put on a tire with a smaller diameter. It will be more difficult to cut it, but you can resort to using a jigsaw. Also cover with soil. We perform the same operation with the third tire. Next, you can take wheels from cars, or stop at this level. You can complete the tower with a small flower pot. Tires are usually painted in any color or covered with fabric. The result will be a beautiful multi-story flower bed with densely growing berry bushes. Bright berries hanging along the edges of the flowerbed will add special splendor.

Unfortunately, the material for making tires is very toxic, so its use for berry crops is not justified. It is better to plant ornamental plants in such flower beds, or use more environmentally friendly materials as a basis.

Wooden beds are the most economical option. You can make a strawberry bed from old boxes. They do not need to be cut and do not contain toxic substances. This is the easiest and most convenient way to create a beautiful strawberry bed on your site. Using boxes you can make a pyramid for plants, the height of which will depend only on the wishes of the gardener himself. To create a pyramid, you will need boxes of different sizes, arranging them according to the matryoshka principle. The bottom box is filled with earth, a smaller box is placed on top, and so on until the top of the pyramid. Plants are planted in vacant areas, which will save the total area of the site. The outer sides of the drawers can be painted or varnished. Such a shelf with boxes for growing strawberries is not intended for transportation due to its heavy weight, so it must be installed where it will not interfere. The larger the area of the bottom drawer, the higher the pyramid can be made. However, keep in mind that structures that are too tall can make harvesting significantly more difficult. If a pyramid of boxes is installed in a poorly lit area, then due to the design of the shelf, some plants may not receive enough light. It is important to remember that wood products are short-lived and will gradually rot upon contact with water. Being in the open air, with frequent precipitation, they will become unusable within 2-3 years.

Growing strawberries in bags

A common method that does not require special costs. The main thing is to give preference to bags made of natural burlap, which is more durable and allows plants to breathe better. Artificial materials immediately deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.

  • Stages of growing strawberries in bags:
  • Pockets are cut out of the material, which will serve as holes for seedlings. Their number may vary, the main thing is that the plants do not interfere with each other.
  • All pockets are filled with soil. It should not be heavy and its acidity should not be too high.
  • If necessary, you can sew handles to the bag for convenient transportation or hanging.
  • Plants are planted in the pockets.
This method of growing strawberries saves space and allows you to arrange the berry crops vertically. Caring for such a flower bed is standard - watering and fertilizing. In this case, it is best to water using the drip method. Often the soil can dry out because the water does not reach the very bottom. To avoid this and preserve the lowest plants, watering is carried out using a bottle from which the tubes can easily reach the lower roots. There is no need for weeding. Plants and fruits are not bothered by pests, and the choice of variety is not limited only to unpretentious plants. Growing strawberries in bags allows you to harvest twice as much.

Corrugated box for strawberries

For the convenience of storing the harvested crop, cardboard packaging can be used. The corrugated box consists of several layers of cardboard that protect the berries from damage. It is reliable, does not require large investments and is environmentally friendly. Corrugated boxes differ only in the number of layers and wall thickness. If the packaging is used correctly: no damage or moisture intrusion, it will help transport berries over any distance.