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Garden blueberry. Its beneficial properties and contraindications

Photo of garden blueberries and its beneficial properties

Blueberries, a berry from the lingonberry family, have always been in demand. Who doesn’t know blueberries, so juicy and incredibly healthy. Many people can wander through the forests for hours in search of this berry. But why such difficulties? Seedlings of this berry bush have long been available for sale in nurseries. Each one has been lovingly selected by agronomists, and therefore you can be sure that it will grow into a harvest-rich shrub. Of course, it should be planted correctly and agricultural techniques for growing and propagating should be followed.

To get the maximum amount of beneficial properties from this berry, you should pick the fruits very carefully so as not to damage them. If damage occurs, do not be upset. You can make a delicious compote or medicinal decoction from such berries.

For the winter, blueberries must be frozen, thus preserving all their beneficial properties. When storing berries in a warm place, their shelf life is no more than two weeks.
Recommendation: When storing berries, close the containers tightly if you do not want the delicacy to absorb foreign odors.

Blueberry leaves are dried and used in decoctions or teas, which are extremely aromatic and especially tasty on a cold winter evening.

Calorie content and chemical composition of fresh blueberries

The calorie content and chemical composition of fresh blueberries will please more than one fashionista, because this berry is deservedly considered one of the lowest-calorie berries, and therefore is a dietary product. The blueberry fruit is almost ninety percent water!

According to scientific research, regular consumption of blueberries can reduce the amount of neutral fats - triglycerides - in the body.
One hundred grams of fresh berries account for only thirty-nine kilocalories. And the energy value of one hundred grams of berries is: one gram of protein, half a gram of fat and 6.6 grams of carbohydrates. Good news for those who painstakingly watch their figure.

Vitamin composition of blueberries

The vitamin composition of blueberries will please any physician. So, for example, blueberries contain all existing essential and non-essential amino acids!
The fruits are highly saturated with organic acids such as C3H4OH (COOH)3 (citric), CH3COOH (acetic), C2H2O4 (oxalic), C?H?O? (apple) and C6H5COOH (benzoic), due to which blueberries have a sour taste.

Blueberries are also rich in mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus, copper and iron.

Blueberries contain vitamins such as A (retinol), B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin), PP (niacin), K (phyllochionine), P (bioflavonoids) and C (ascorbic acid). The entire vitamin composition of blueberries is vital for the health and functioning of the human body.

Due to its biochemical properties, blueberries have a large number of beneficial properties necessary for the human body.

The medicinal properties of blueberries and their use in medicine

The laxative properties of blueberries are widely known in folk medicine. These properties are extremely in demand for cystitis or various stages of kidney inflammation. Such diseases are usually accompanied by high fever, which is quite easily reduced with the help of decoctions and fruit drinks made from berries or blueberry leaves.

In terms of nutritional composition, garden blueberries are superior to many other berries, and, what is important, they are not at all inferior to wild ones. Fragrant and extremely healthy, it is widely used in cooking. What not to cook with this berry! Mousses, compotes, jellies, preserves, juices. And such an unforgettable delicacy as blueberry pies will not leave even the most notorious gourmets indifferent.

However, this berry is not famous for its nutritional value alone! The range of beneficial medicinal properties of blueberries is quite wide, as is its use in medicine, in the treatment of a large number of diseases. First of all, blueberries, or rather the microelements included in its composition, enhance the effect of medications taken.

Not only fruits have healing properties. Blueberry branches, leaves and flowers are also widely used in medicine. Their medicinal preparations can be found in any pharmacy.

The effect of a decoction from the leaves of this shrub is extremely mild, so this remedy is a favorite among people suffering from the chronic form of these diseases.

Important! Blueberries are not at all an allergenic berry, but pregnant and lactating mothers should limit their consumption. Since this berry, if consumed significantly in excess, will certainly cause allergies in the newborn.

The high content of antioxidants, minerals and trace elements in blueberries gives them beneficial cosmetological properties. However, such beneficial substances in large quantities have a negative effect on muscle tissue and prevent the flow of oxygen into it.

This berry is especially good for caring for damaged and dehydrated hair. For example, this berry has found its use in the manufacture of shampoo and masks for colored hair, which more than others need additional care and protection from external influences.

Despite the extreme usefulness of the berry, you need to seriously monitor the amount of its consumption, since it contains a lot of useful substances. If you overdo it, they will cause signs of intoxication, and as a result, the body will behave as if poisoned - a headache, weakness of the whole body, or even vomiting will appear.

Blueberries: beneficial properties for vision

Perhaps blueberries are most famous for their beneficial properties for vision.

And, indeed, vision when consuming this berry noticeably improves, or even returns to normal. Also, with the help of decoctions and teas, you can quickly relieve tension from tired and irritated eyes, which is especially important in the modern world.

With age, a person’s vision steadily deteriorates, so growing this crop is highly recommended for mature people, so that the miraculous berries are always at hand.

The influence of the properties of blueberries on the blood

Mankind has long appreciated the positive effect of blueberries on the blood. By regularly consuming the fruits of this shrub, you can significantly reduce the risk of developing various cardiovascular diseases.

Contained in high concentrations of blueberries, niacinin and bioflavonoids reduce the risk of varicose veins, which is especially important for women.

Surgeons recommend that their patients consume blueberries during various operations. This is due to the fact that phyllochionine, which is part of the composition, increases the ability of blood to clot.

For a diabetic, nothing is more important than blood sugar levels. And therefore, blueberries are extremely useful in the treatment of diabetes, because their consumption helps reduce this parameter. However, you should not make a panacea out of this berry. Blueberries promote treatment, but are not a cure for this disease. And its excessive use can have the opposite effect.
We can say with confidence that it is irreplaceable and should be in the kindergarten of every reasonable housewife. If you still doubted getting this berry, then leave your doubts and quickly run to the nursery for its seedlings.